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Product Name: Diisopropyl azodicarboxylate
CAS No: 2446-83-5
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Product spec: 98%min
Packing: 50kgs/drum
Post Time: 2013-06-09
Description: Diisopropyl azodicarboxylate Alternative name:DIAD Cas No.: 2446-83-5 Purity:98%min Appearance: orange crystal or liquid Molecular formula: C8H14N2O4 Molecular weight: 202.21 M.P.:3-5centigrade B.P.:75centigrade Flash Point:106centigrade UN No: 3082 Dangerous class: class 9 Package group: class 3 Package:50kgs/drum Uses:Liquid blowing agent;pharmaceutical intermediates. Used for vinyl resin liquid foaming agent and be used to make light color vinyl foamed plastics. Have uniform microporous structure, with the recipe and processing conditions are different, can get shut holes or the openings foam body. Also used as medicine intermediates, organic synthetic reagent, etc.
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